I’m going to the fourth FIPP Ibero-American Magazine Media Conference in Costa Rica late in October, and I’m wildly excited about the trip. And not just because the conference is sited in a warm and beautiful central American country.

More than 30 speakers from 14 countries will address how traditional magazine publishers are developing new business models and multimedia platforms for the digital age. Tablet apps, market trends in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds, the savvy use of social media, and managing content workflow across a multimedia brand – these issues and many more will be analysed.

FIPP – the Federation of Periodical Publishers – is the organisation that represents magazine publishers worldwide. This is FIPP’s fourth Ibero-American conference, and it looks set to be a great forum for learning and networking.

How do I hope to benefit from the event? Having developed media brands and trained journalists in the UK, France, the USA and Australia, I would love to contribute to a similar venture in Latin America. And I will also research the possibility of writing a Latin American edition of my book, The World’s Business Cultures, with my co-author Barry Tomalin.

The IMF predicts that economic growth in Latin America will reach 3.4% in 2012. It’s not huge – but it dwarfs the 0.3% forecast for the Eurozone. I can’t wait to get on that flight.