My Incredible Life on Two and Four Wheels

This is the photo-autobiography of one of the most remarkable personalities in the history of motorsport. John Surtees is the only man to have won both the Formula 1 world title and world championships on motorcycles.

I knew that John was a genius long before I met him in the late 1980s. Anyone who can win seven world motorcycle championships and then switches to F1 and dominate the car world clearly has phenomenal skills. John was going to be 80 in 2014, when it would also be 50 years since he claimed his F1 title with Ferrari in 1964, so I said to him: ‘John, you need a new autobiography of your amazing life.’

And thus, with the backing of the new Evro Publishing company, evolved the plan to compile a 300-page, 300-picture photo-autobiography. The book weighs two kilos! We think that it’s an amazing tribute to an astonishing life. It covers John’s journey through motorcycling from a modest prewar 250cc Triumph with a top speed of just 80mph, to the Vincent, Norton and MV factories. It then tracks his life in the Formula 1 world with Lotus, Cooper, Ferrari and Honda, and to exploits in 190mph Lola and Ferrari sports cars.

John then became a Formula 1 constructor, and much later, he and his wife Jane had to cope with the shocking death of their 18-year-old son Henry in a freak motor racing accident. Now, in yet another facet of his ever-evolving life, John has become a major charity fund-raiser, via the Henry Surtees Foundation.

A copy of the book, signed by John Surtees, costs £50 from